Monday, November 24, 2008

Botox or Notox?

Last week I noticed that my "smile lines" (If they're going to be there, why not give them a happier name?) seemed more pronounced than usual. In fact, they looked like the great divide! What a depressing feeling to notice you looked like a wrinkled pig as you cut in front of a third grader, making a mad dash to the potty, claiming "teacher's privilege". Talk about helpless! Not only are you miles away from any quick fix supplies, but you are T minus 10 seconds until the 20-some-odd 8 year olds explode into a state of pandemonium!

I quickly tried to "rub them out" (I have no idea what I was thinking. Somehow, it seemed like a good idea at the time.) and returned to the classroom, thankful that my students love me and don't seem to notice my aging epidermis. My thoughts of panic, though, were neatly tucked away as another item on my mental "Figure This Out and FIX IT" list.

This weekend, as I waited endlessly in the checkout at Walmart, my eyes wandered over the current People magazine cover.

OK. No, this is not the exact cover. But, HE'S SO CUTE! Wouldn't you rather roll your eyes over this cover than another picture of the Obamas? (No offense to Barack and co.)

Anyhow, as I thumbed through the pages, I stumbled onto an article about Botox. No, this never entered my mind as a possible option for my own personal smile lines. (Can't afford it and husband would never approve.) However, it got me wondering. Would I if I could? Hmmm....

Perhaps. Would you?


  1. Sorry to not fully address your question (I would), but I'm intrigued by your comment that your husband wouldn't approve. Is it because he sees Botox as defying natural aging? I mean, would he also frown upon (pun not intended) if you applied an anti wrinkle cream each evening?

  2. I love my husband dearly, but he is a bit tight when it comes to "primping" cost. I don't think he would approve of the cost involved in receiving a treatment. You sparked my curiosity, though, and I asked him what his thoughts were on the subject, just to see if there was more to it. Being the man of many words that he is, his reply was, "Um...I just don't agree with it." What can I say? :)

  3. Since you weren't ACTUALLY considering this, I'll spare you the Dr. Phil treatment.

    That said, maybe Jeff doesn't like the idea because injecting botulism into your face to paralyze muscles for cosmetic reasons is a little like the old practice of leaching - without the noble goal of curing an ailment.

    That's just a guess.

  4. I couldn't. Not just because of the cost. Mostly cause I don't care about the lines and the grey hair. It's just a body. If someone doesn't like me or judges me because of it, that's someone I don't want to know. I'm proud of every wrinkle and every grey hair.

    But the main reason? I'm way too lazy for the upkeep. That's why I don't wear make up, dye my hair or have fake fingernails. It's too overwhelming. It's a good day if I can remember to change my socks.

  5. 1) i could care less what miss erin spends. ever. but botulinum toxin... under the skin... on purpose... and best case scenario, the effect isn't permanent... seriously???

    2) smile lines are sexy (male or female) if they really are... accompanied with a smile. ;-)

    3) i have been telling erin how funny your blog is and how much she'd appreciate it, but being 8/9 months pregnant and preparing to leave her biology and zoology students to a substitute hasn't left her much time in the blogosphere as of late.

    4) keep up the... keeping up.


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