Thursday, April 30, 2009

You only THOUGHT you were being good...

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things come in good packages.  

Take, for instance, one of my favorite restaurants:  Panera.  I feel all healthy and happy when I order a grilled chicken Caesar salad....until I admit to myself that it is SO not what I want it to be.  

Don't get me's delicious!  I could eat their salads tirelessly eat their salads (and sandwiches, for that matter) daily for weeks on end.  (I think, a few years back, I really did.)  Until I read the nutritional information.  Are you aware that it has 500 calories, 28 grams of FAT, and only 3 grams of fiber???  That equates to 15 Weight Watchers points!!!  FOR A SALAD!  (Ever since my season on Weight Watchers a few years back, everything must convert to points for me to appreciate their "value" in my diet.)  Now, for those of you not familiar with Weight Watchers, consider that, currently, for me to remain "on plan" I am allotted 21 points in a day.  TOTAL.  For 3 meals, beverages, snacks, everything.  

Oh, and that 15 points does NOT include a baguette on the side with an extra side of Caesar dressing for dipping...Yeah.  Some things you know are bad, but you do them anyway.  

Bon appetit!

**Author's Note:  Panera, it's nothing personal...I know you're not alone.  You just happen to be the one that I dined upon today.  I still love you.


  1. Hm, I may need to try this points thing. I think that would help me put my eating into perspective for sure. (BTW, I'm completely cringing because I'm thinking of what I ate at Panera yesterday).

  2. Remember how you told me you needed a big, fat, juicy cheeseburger every day at lunch for the last week or so of your pregnancy?

    My fat cheeseburger is a Bacon Turkey Bravo. And a passion fruit iced tea from Starbucks.

    And Cadence's Panera "poison" is a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and lemonade.

    Luv you!


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