Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend in the Kitchen

Having spent virtually my entire long weekend in the kitchen, I have little to share other than the history of a meal.  As I was slaving away over a hot stove, though, I fell in love with capturing the beauty of a working kitchen.  Really, the colors and textures of food and kitchen prep are quite unique. 

I thought I’d share with you a smidgeon of my photo journal from this weekend (because I’m sure you dying to see, right?). Some photos mark beginnings of the meal – dressing that begins with chopping vegetables, pies that are born from raw crusts, the baby white fluff of marshmallows before they’ve been baked to a golden brown.  There are photos of the process. Mushrooms sizzling in a pan for the homemade mushroom gravy in the Best Ever Green Bean Casserole.  Roasted pecans (the second batch – I got distracted and forgot about batch number one…fed them to le garbaage) for the sweet potato casserole.  Wild rice for My Mama’s Dressing steeping on the stove next to the cooling iron skillet in which my sweet corn bread baked.  And, finally, the reward.  There are many more, of course, but I chose not to include faces in this collection. You may insert your own, if you wish.

Oh, yes.  And, if you look closely, you’ll figure out my “oops” that happened on the day of our family meal…and have an idea for a Christmas present for yours truly. 



I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.  ‘Tis the season for dishpan hands. :)


  1. Very nice! And as a vegetarian of 17 years, I can say how wonderful it is to see a spotlight on plant food at Thanksgiving time. Unfortunately for me, I am domestically disabled and couldn't do more than boil water if my life depended on it. That's where husband comes in.

  2. Thanks! I cooked a turkey breast, but that's an after thought to me. My favorite is the veggies, dressing, and sweets!!

  3. I'm going to your house for Thanksgiving next year! :) Looks wonderful!


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