Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 Things No One Needed to Know...But the ONLY Things I Can Think To Say

So, as you may know, I LOVE memes. They're quick and fun...but this one is stumping me.

A coworker tagged me to share 7 things you never needed (or probably wanted) to know about me. I'm hard-pressed to think of seven things. I can think of LOTS of cool things to share about my family father's father once sold a bed (or more than one) from his store in Memphis to Elvis, my father used to play water polo in his Houston apartment building with George W. Bush, my mother's mother used to be buds with Barbara Bush and George Sr., my mother's step-father invented an improved side pocket mandrel (oil rigging) and made LOTS of money and was (supposedly) highlighted in the Smithsonian for a while, my brother used to serve in the Yankee White program (i.e. Presidential Guard) while in the Marines -- lived at Camp David (OOH! There's one! I've been there!) for a while...and on and on. I just can't think of much that's about ME. I haven't had many brushes with celebrity. (I remember bumping into Kris Kristofferson a a hotel in Dallas as a child.) I haven't had a lot of huge victories or moments in the spotlight. I don't really have anything to brag about. (I look good in hats.) I just don't think there's much to say...Could it be that I'm a bit of an open book? Could it be my big mouth? Could it be that I have lived a rather uneventful life? Could it be that I'm....mediocre?

Let's see what I can scrape up...

1. I have always (and still) dream of being a ballerina (Perhaps, at this stage, in my next life? In fact, I recently -- as in this week -- had a dream that I met and danced with Mikhail Baryshnikov.). Ballet is absolutely gorgeous. It impresses and inspires me each time I see it danced (well). It is one of my regrets, I guess, that I did not pursue it more seriously, because I think I had some natural talent and potential. For now, I enjoy watching my daughter(s) practice and thrill in watching my eldest princess aspire to dance as Odette in Swan Lake one day.

2. I used to babysit for Rob Stafford, of Dateline NBC. At the time, he was a morning anchor on an Orlando TV news station. He had an adorable baby boy and a very fluffy, yippee dog. I remember his wife, (who was tall, thin, and pretty) coming to my house to pick me up with rollers in her hair. Funny. I would NEVER do that.

3. I'm all about astrology. Sorry, folks. It all fits into my spirituality, and I do consider myself of the Christian faith. I just see it as part of this amazing universe. I think a lot of the horoscopes out there are a bunch of gump, but if you can find a good source, they're pretty fun to read. I'm more into the personality portions. I'm a Cancer -- and could not be more of a "classic case". My husband and two daughters are ALL Gemini. (Ummm...yes, you heard that right. And, for those of you who do not know anything about astrology, NO. We are NOT compatible. Nice, huh?) They, too, all fit the mold quite well. I've been so into astrology, at times, that I have even dabbled in charting stars. I dabbled long enough to learn that it is EXTREMELY complicated, requires LOTS of math and takes a LONG time.

4. Funny. When Melanie wrote about a car accident in her version of this meme, she mentioned it was her "first and last". Geez! I wish I could claim the same! Unfortunately, I have a bit of bad luck with cars. Knock on wood, none have been too bad. However, I tend to "bump" stationary objects at low speeds...embarrassingly, so. Hence, I do wish I drove a smaller car than my current, very long and wide, Chrysler Pacifica. (She's named Lady, if you're wondering. At the time we adopted her, my husband was driving this pitiful, beat-up Bronco II named "Tramp". By the way, the Tramp was pitiful and beat-up when he BOUGHT IT! He loved it (???) and just HAD to have it.)

5. dayle, in her version of this meme, mentioned being Miss Teen SC. Well, my nearest brush with pageantry was participating in the Miss Lake Mary High School pageant my Senior year. I didn't win, but did make it to the finals. My drama/Thespian "coach" (for lack of better word, and he WAS a coach, too) couldn't believe I was participating in the event...describing it as "meat-marketish" for me. (??? What???) I had considered backing out at the time, but felt guilty and continued after the Lisa Malie consultant for the show talked me into staying. HOWEVER, one of MY childhood babysitters (Rhonda) went on to the Miss Texas pageant!!! Woo-hoo!!! Sorry, can't remember if she won or not.

6. I guess I could mention my theater experience. Hmmmm...I was a Thespian in high school and LOVED the stage. My senior year, I sort of "discovered" I could sing, too, and led in a group musical we took to state. The act, though, is tainted with sad memories in my mind, now. A few years later, my best friend died and we were asked to sing at graveside. The song? "Tell Me It's Not True" from Blood Brothers. A song sung by a mother of twins who, as adults, tragically died at her feet. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I hate thinking about it. The picture is of me as Nurse Kelly in a Senior production of Harvey.

7. My childhood hero was Harriet Tubman....and I was quite outspoken about it....despite the fact that my grandmother owned and lived on a historic plantation in Louisiana until I was a senior in college. I can recall sitting around with family at my grandmother's house and pronouncing courageously "I'm GLAD the south lost. Slavery is WRONG." Pretty gutsy, I was. Looking back, I have to say that my grandmother behaved herself very well, considering. She was quite tolerant of my objections to the Southern policy and told me of some distant relative (Fanny Something-or-another) who ran away to assist with the Underground Railroad. (True? I'm not sure...) This past summer, though, as she led us on a driving tour of her old stomping grounds...well...I saw the poverty she lived in and think I could have been a bit more sensitive. I still think slavery is/was wrong, but also see that the South suffered in ways we will never fully understand. In fact, many continue to suffer today. I also realize that I am a Daughter of the South. My husband's first trip to Louisiana brought this to light for me. There are so many aspects of life there that I understand and accept he, as a Floridian, descendant from mountain people, may never accept or understand.

So, that's about all. To some of you, these are old news. To others, these declarations may be revealing. (???) What can I say...I talk a lot and I have no secrets...basically.

Now, I'd like to hear from:

Second Glantz - Someone who already knew a lot of this stuff, I'm sure.
The Roaming Southerner - Hope you're ready for a quickie. :)
NashWorld - "Cyber Cuz" - No, we're not related.
MamaDawg - Someone else who already knew a lot of this stuff...and, perhaps, can relate.
Peanut Butter and Lullabies - We're IRL meets IRL via cyberspace.
MomReality - "Retired" teacher turned author -- microblogger extraordinaire. :) I'm interested to see how she microblogs this! :)


  1. I will gladly participate. I have this and some other stuff to do tomorrow, so I'll post it then.

    I knew a few of these things, but most, surprisingly, I didn't. I guess most of that didn't come up in high school.

    Who died? Did I know her?

  2. Thanks for the tag, Jenny. I hope I can do you proud. Loved the trip down memory lane, especially the pic of you and Eric! :)

  3. There is nothing about you that is mediocre. You forgot to mention that you are an extremely talented teacher and one of of the funniest writers that I read!


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