Monday, January 19, 2009

Arrrrgh These Pirate Boots?

So, I got this great pair of boots not too long ago - they've been PERFECT for a teacher/Mommy. They're flat, so I can stand in them all day without any pain. They're warm, so they are perfect for those rare, cold Florida days. AND, they look great with dresses and skirts! They're cute with tights, with leggings, or bare legs for a more casual look on milder days. Win-win, right?

The first day I wore them, I got a ton of compliments (from my younger, hipper friends...which made them even more meaningful!). However, that night at dinner, my husband said, "WHAT are THOSE???" On every occasion since then that I've worn them (not to mention everytime he's seen them laying under the bar stool where I traditionally cast aside my shoes each evening), he turns on the pirate voice and says, "Arrrgh, there's a pirate in me house!"

OK. I can deal with my husband (who has been known to dress in what looks like full camping gear to go shopping or to dinner) making these remarks. I can easily dismiss them as a silly man's lack of fashion sense. However, recently at work, a friend greeted me with a smile, a hug, and the words, "Look at you in your cute pirate boots, girlie!"


Now, my neurotic self has developed a complex. I'm working hard to let my sense of humor carry me through this one. I mean, I'm working HARD. I try desperately to ignore the pirate-y taunts in my mind as I pull on these cozy, comfie, suede boots. Melanie and I have even started conversing and tweeting in pirate-speak, to help me make light of my pirate paranoia. However, I've decided that I need feedback from you.

What do you think? Are these boots too pirate-y to be pretty? Do I look like I'm missing my eye patch and parrot? Should they have come with a hook neatly tucked inside the shoebox? Tell me what you think!

As for the photograph, courtesy of aforementioned husband, I have to laugh. Do you know how many inches of LEG I had to cut out of this picture??? Ask a man to take a picture of your shoes with caution -- your bootie may make the shot, too!


  1. Yes, they're pirate boots, and yes they're cool. I like these way better than the Eskimo boots that all the girls were wearing a year or two ago.

  2. LMAO. Great post, Jenny. Love the warning about having hubbies take pictures. As for the boots, they're adorable! I don't know of any pirates that would wear boots that cute.

  3. LOL, I asked my DH to take a pic of a pair of shoes of mine - he didn't even get in the TOES. But you can bet my chest was in the shot. :::sigh::: And yes, they're a TEENY TINY bit piratey, but not too bad. I think they're cute.

  4. I think you're safe unless you get a white ruffled shirt - then, it's game on!

    When I first started teaching (16 years ago), I had lots of denim jumpers and apple pins and such and I thought I was PRO-FESSIONAL, you know? I couldn't wait to put them on.

    It only took a few times of my husband (after arriving home from work and getting ready to take me out to dinner) saying,"Are you going to wear your teacher clothes?" for it to sink in. At first I thought he was being courteous offering to let me freshen up...but he really wanted me to change!

    At least your husband doesn't mind looking at your clothes he mocks!
    :) Melanie

  5. Husbands are truly funny creatures aren't they :) I think the boots are adorable! I wish I could wear shoes like that but with a size 12 foot (seriously!!!), my own footware style is limited. I say if you like 'em, wear 'em with pride :)

  6. Ok, I was wondering what all the pirate speak b/n you and Melanie was about!?!? I feel so much better now that I'm in the loop. Phew! As far as the boots go...they're fabulous! Very cute and practical (no heels). What size are they?? :)~

  7. I love this... they do look a little swashbuckler if you ask me but this is comming from a woman who has goat poo and everything else stuck on her clothes everyday, I was looking at your other pictures and admiring how well you do dress so I wouldn't worry about some stupid shoes, you got it going on girl!!!!

  8. They are cute and you can definitely pull them off. My feet hurt so bad lately in any shoe. Be glad you can wear them, I am a few painful steps to having to wear "teacher shoes."

  9. Nope. Not pirate-y in the least. I think they're adorable. However, stay away from red/black striped pants, ruffled white shirts and gold hoops just to be safe.


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