Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Morning After


Whew! I have to admit, this is a little more like rehab than I ever expected.

Yesterday, after my mid-afternoon sugar (and alcohol) cravings subsided, and I thought the worst of the day was over, I came close to falling off the wagon.

You see, I watched the Gator game.

The stress was overwhelming.

...PLUS, someone kept tweeting about ice cream.

But, I held fast to my conviction and
stayed away from the kitchen. I nursed my sweet glass of Crystal Light for all it was worth. I ate a piece (or two) of Colby Jack cheese. (a treat I rarely enjoyed on Weight Watchers) And, I texted profanities to FireDaddy at the station after every stressful play.

Today, I've actually felt good. After a slow and thoughtful trip to the store, I am now stocked with plenty of plan-approved foods, snacks, beverages, and even some sugar-free candies that taste darn good.

And let me know if I'm the only one who's ever felt this way, but on Day Two of a new diet, don't you feel you deserve a little reward? No...I'm not talking about cheating. Really. I'm talking about progress. Don't you half expect the scale to drop two pounds or so? You're so proud of yourself, shouldn't your favorite pair of pants acknowledge your accomplishment by loosening up around your waist a little? I could SWEAR that I lost weight yesterday. I could SWEAR I look thinner today.

No? You don't think so??



  1. *ducking* Sorry, I'll stop tweeting about ice cream. ;) I'm proud of you & your willpower!

  2. Jenny...that sounds really hard. I recommend the "Body for Life diet" if you end up needing something different. It doesn't ever feel like you are depriving yourself. 3 meals a day, 3 snacks a day.Its not too much prep because snacks are like an Apple and string cheese or cottage cheese and yogurt. And the best part is you get to have a free day. I lost 10 pounds and Brennan lost 20. Let me know if you want to borrow the book. Not trying to throw you off...just wanted to offer an alternative if that doesn't end up working out.

  3. Good luck Jenny!!! I had to get weighed last week at the YGD (ask me what that is if u can't figure it out) and it was shock and a wake up call. Willpower is hard, especially with the babies around and they can eat anything!!! Good luck. Are you allowed to have your starbucks still? We are making healthier choices over in our classroom, so if you ever need a snack, come on over! Good luck again, Katie

    PS - Meli, I would love to borrow the book if I can too?

  4. Thanks, ladies! It's great to have support from friends! Meli, I actually have Body for Life for Women. I bought it in the spring and never really got into it much. I've had some friends do that, though, and swore by it. They said they wound up never really using their day "off" because they felt so bad after doing it compared to how they felt when they ate right! Katie, YES! I can still have my Starbucks!!! A privilege I had to learn to do without when I was on WW, my drinks are 3 pts each on their plan, but TOTALLY ALLOWED on SB. Woo-hoo! It's going well overall. I keep thinking I'm cheating as I enjoy my cheese or sugar-free fudgesicles...but I'm not. I keep thinking I'm cheating when I'm NOT recording everything I'm eating in a diary...but I'm not! :)


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