Monday, October 12, 2009

Special Agent Oso Annoying

So, there I was, mindlessly bumming around the internet from one post to another. On this occasion, I had no particular purpose in mind other than rotting brain cells.

I stumbled upon this post from McMommy and could barely read past the first paragraph. It's not McMommy, it's me.

Check it out. She started her post like this.

"I'm standing here in the kitchen, making eggs and toast, and listening to Special Agent Oso. I've got zero makeup on and look like scary Oprah."

I read three little words and completely lost my focus. Like a certifiable nutjob, my mind went whirling through time and space. It was nearly an out-of-body experience. I was floating in my den at home, growling on the inside as the sounds of Special Agent Oso gnawing at my ears.

Forgive me, folks, but this show is CRAP. Its songs are RIDICULOUSLY ANNOYING. The structure of the show is exactly like Dora - and we do NOT need another repetitive three-step "adventure mission" show. We already have Diego. (And, I have to give Diego credit. His "Rescue Pack" song is like the coolest song on cartoons today.) What's more, Oso is not very bright. At least Dora and Diego have interesting missions like rescuing a beached baby humpback whale, waking Boots from a magical forever slumber, climbing to the top of the tallest mountain to get back Dora's lost necklace, or fixing some poor iguana's pink-eye. Oso? He does *REALLY COOL* stuff like making a salad, watering a plant, or brushing teeth.

I can hear Oso Supporters now, "Well, don't you think these are more realistic things to be teaching your child?" NO! I'm sorry, but don't you think a job like brushing teeth is better taught in person? Especially when the three steps Oso works so hard to memorize are to (1) get the brush, (2) put toothpaste on it, and (3) brush. Brilliant, Disney! Just brilliant! And, as for watering plants and making a salad, I'm sorry. If you need your preschooler to learn how to do these things without adult assistance or supervision, perhaps there is a bigger problem we need to be discussing.

As for me, I'd totally rather my girlies watch Phineas and Ferb and dream big, baby.

"Sure girls, you can build a time machine today..."

P.S. If you've never read The McMommy Chronicles before, she's worth checking out. I've enjoyed lots of laughs in the months I've been reading her blog. Enjoy!

P. P. S. If you've never heard the Rescue Pack song before, here you go. I think everyone deserves to see how totally rockin' it is. Rescue Pack is da bomb.


  1. LOL! I have never heard of Special Agent Oso, but after reading what you have to say about him, I'm glad his show isn't one my nieces have made me watch. :)

  2. omg so funny.. i can't stand that show either!! Just listening to it irritates me. "its all apart of the plan, more or less" I have heard enough of that line. The last thing I heard from there that was also annoying was them referring to a hula hoop as a hupa loop, and that what they called it the entire show!!! just had to share my feelings lol

  3. checked into the annoying "hupa loop" reference, because it bothered me too. It would seem "hula hoop" is a trademark of know, the same great people that brought us the frisbee. So it would seem that the mouse (disney), wanted to avoid referencing the name (trademark infringement).

  4. I came across this post by Googling "Special Agent Oso annoying." I saw this on TV this morning. Oso was trying to help a poor girl who "didn't know how" to ride a merry-go-round.

    The "three special steps" were:

    1) Get a ticket
    2) Pick a horse
    3) Get on the horse

    And of course Oso had to ask that purple haired floating head "What's the next special step?" at each juncture.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? It makes him seem mentally challenged. Isn't it his job to help these kids? Why can he not remember these ridiculous steps and, more importantly, why doesn't he know that in order to ride a merry go round you get on a horse? What else are you supposed to do? This show is mindless. And calling these super rudimentary steps "special" makes it seem even more "special," if you know what I mean.

  5. To those mom's who don't remember being 3 -4 years old, I guess you were born knowing all? Yeah right! It is geared for the preschool age, not the adult age. And yes, my son has learned to do things in the kitchen thanks to watching shows such as Special Agent Oso. That's part of the problem with kids & young parents today. They aren't being taught life skills & think everything should be handed to them. Since schools no longer teach things like drivers ed, shop or home ec. & parents don't think it's their jobs to do so, where else are they supposed to learn things. At least my son will know how to take care of himself completely when he gets to collage. Show me how many collage kids know how to stitch up a tear in a piece of clothing or sew on a button. All they know how to do is throw it away, waste, waste, waste nor do they know how to make a bed or do their own landry. And all they think their parents are for is to contiually hand them money. Budget their time & money? Thats a joke. Let your toddlers & preschoolers watch Special Agent Oso so they can learn something worth knowing!

  6. My Lil Brothers ( They're twins ) Watch Special Agent Oso ALL DAY LONG and I mean it! It's like 24/7!!!!! I know all the songs in Special Agent Oso BY HEART and whenever I hear it I just start to sing along! im hearing it right now! " step 1: Get a ticket Step 2: Pick a horse Step 3: get on the horse......3 SPECIAL STEPS!"

    But my brothers' favourite one is " The living holiday lights" (d)


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