Sunday, March 8, 2009

A New Addition

In case you haven't noticed... What? You have A LIFE other than reading my blog???... I've added a "Reader On the Run" corner box. This lovely little bite-sized chunk of neuroses was inspired by my brother Abner. You see, as he so carefully explained to me how much he enjoys reading my blog updates (He lived with me for 17 years or so...he knows how important word choice is.), he also just as carefully explained the disappointment that accompanies the realization that he doesn't always have time to read a complete post. After a discussion of how best to meet my reader's needs, the idea for this handy-dandy little corner was born.

Here's what I wrote to explain it that night:

I totally respect the fact that you are a busy gal/guy and don't always have time to stay for my entire neurotic shpeal. (How do you spell that word, by the way? I have no Yiddish Schema. I didn't learn the word "tchotchke" until I worked for a Jewish accountant a few years ago.) Anyhow, when you're on the run -- check out my new corner. Oh, and thank you, Abner, for the inspiration. Always with your finger on the pulse of the masses.....

So, with busy readers in mind today, I'll end this post here. Be sure to check back, though, to have a nibble of my random thinkings. I hope you'll enjoy them.

Disclaimer: I told you I'm not very good at "daily" things. So just keep in mind that this is AN EXPERIMENT. Don't hate me if it fails miserably, OK? Thanks!


  1. Very nice! I hope it helps other people like me feel less guilty when they don't have time to read the WHOLE post!

  2. I love this idea. Not just because you're fab, but also because I get interrupted every 5 minutes and can't seem to finish a post in one sitting. Ever.


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