Monday, December 7, 2009

And, again my compulsion gets the best of me…

You know, I was just thinking the other day, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do this time of year…”

I know you were probably thinking the exact same thing, right?

Since my imperfect conclusion to NaBloPoMo back in September, I’ve been pondering the possibilities. Shall I have a “do-over”? Shall I leave well enough alone? If I were to do a “do-over”, when would be a good time? Now? Later? Never? I guess all I ultimately decided was that it’s rather like having another baby. For one, there is NEVER a perfect time. And two, if you can’t ever resolve that you’re done for good, you probably aren’t done.

Then, amidst my noncommittal self-talk, with a stroke of serendipity, I stumbled upon this lovely little project called Holidailies. It is a project I can’t refuse. So, lucky you, you’re in for a treat. The rules say I have to post a minimum of 20 times between December 7th and January 6th, with the goal of one post per day in mind. I think I can hack it, even given the possible trip to the hills FireDaddy and I are planning for the holidays.

I hope you’re ready for this…because December has already been a bit of a rocky ride for me, folks. Within the first week of December, I have already: sustained back pain that interfered with my ability to function in the world, nursed sick children with dangerously spiking fevers, decorated the interior of my home for the holiday season (and managed to drag it out over the course of a week), moved furniture, bought paint for FireDaddy to repaint my kitchen, began searching for new paint colors for my office and den, continued to very slowly create handmade gifts for family and friends, taken approximately 1000 pictures, watched my beloved Old Boys of Florida stumble in defeat, and eat my weight in banana pudding. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d say this should be an interesting month.

Wow. And I wondered why I was so cranky yesterday.


  1. You have been busy! Good luck on the Holidailies project -- I wish I had time for that! lol

    By the way, have you run into any problems uploading your header? Do you want me to do it? Just add me back to your blog and I'll do it for ya -- will only take a minute.

  2. Your blog header looks beautiful! It makes me want to make a glittery scrapbook page... and eat sugar cookies. And also maybe go to Pier 1 for more decorations.

    Good luck with your Holidailies; I can't wait to read!

  3. I agree, very pretty.

    I hope some of your Holidailies will be before and after photos!

  4. Can't wait to hear all about your Hillidays trip! Sounds like you're packing wisely.


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