Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Great Interview Experiment

experiment2 I stumbled upon this really great idea recently, via The Glamorous Life Association.  And, you know me, I don’t like to be left out of good stuff.  So, I signed up and happily accepted my assignment.

I was to interview Laura at Word Grrls. First, like any good reporter, I did my research…which was A LOT.  Laura wears many different hats, ranging from advice guru, to writing “coach”, artist, explorer of rural lands, and more.

After writing my questions (which was tougher than I thought), I anxiously awaited her replies.

Today, they arrived!!!  I am so pleased to share with you a little about Laura, in her own words. 

1. Many of us are moving towards living more "greenly".  What is the next big step you'd like to take to improve your mark on the Earth?

I'd like to do better with recycling, especially paper. It bothers me to have so much paper with everyday stuff. Funny how we thought having computers and the Internet would mean using less paper. I think it generates more in some ways. But, on a personal level, I could do better at recycling those poor ground up tree parts.

2. You wrote a post about "vacuuming out our brains".  If I were to dump the bagless canister into the garbage, shortly after you vacuumed your brain, what might I see?

For my brain you would need to empty it a couple of times. I carry around a lot of clutter. There would be ideas for recipes, mostly holiday cookies at this time of year. There would be a lot of half formed ideas for blog posts. Ideas for starting my own blog network. Ideas for writing a paranormal romance book. A few dead batteries from brain cells that are just tired of listening to me. Diet coke cans, coffee cup circles on masses of paper I've written notes to myself on. A Raggedy Ann doll which is almost half way sewn up, her face nicely embroidered by hand (a few years ago). A pair of boots for mucking around at old houses which were only worn once cause I remember to bring my map but never actually change my footwear, it was a good idea at the time. Something sharp that broke and might be dangerous if it snags the vacuum hose. At the bottom of the canister would be a pile of sludge from guilt, hurt feelings and disappoints. In the light bits of dust flying around would be all kinds of good things I've thought of, experiences I've been proud of, happy with and people from my past who I was glad to know but don't think of very often.

3.  Your blog, Word Grrls, is filled with advice on writing and blogging.  Do you have a writing/blogging mentor?  If so, what do you admire about them?

At first I thought no. But I do have a mentor, someone I look up to and think of as an ideal. Her name is Bev Walton-Porter. I admire her for doing. That sweet and simple. Things I want to do, she goes ahead and just does them. Makes it look easy. I also admire Deanna for the same reason, she is very accomplished in areas beyond writing too. I've known Bev longer though I've actually never met either of them face to face. Funny how that happens online.

4. I know that I, and a few of my "Bloggy Buddies", need to feel like I’m “in the mood" to blog or write.  Some moods are more productive than others.  What are some of your favorite moods for writing?  And, tell me about when/where you write.  Is it quiet, or do you prefer music or television on?  Do you usually finish a post in one sitting, or save it to finish/review later?

I can write with the TV or radio on. But I can't write when someone else is in the house. Very odd. I love going out to a coffee shop and reading, making notes and sometimes even writing a few pages. But the people around are strangers and I almost feel like I am alone while being out. I fee refreshed from being out, even though I could become a hermit at times I love being out, talking to people too. It's complicated I guess. :)

My best mood for writing is being under a deadline. I tend to procrastinate and become distracted so having a deadline keeps me on track. It puts me in the mood to write.

5. I noticed on one of your other sites that you seem to have a "thing" for poppies...or maybe not.  What's up with that?  The flower projects are adorable.  Is there meaning or a story behind them?

That is my personal blog which is a bit neglected. The poppies were posted for Remembrance Day. I really like flowers, especially crocheted flowers. It's one of the projects on my to-do list.

6. What's your sign? What aspects/traits of your sun sign do you feel most accurately describe you?

I am Sagittarius. In Chinese astrology I'm a Wood Dragon. Both fit me well. I do love to learn new things, though I am not good at sticking to any one thing. I also have the need to teach the world, even if they don't especially listen at the time. Someday they will!

7. If cost was of no concern, and the sky was the limit, but you had to choose TODAY, what would you dress up as for Halloween 2010?

I would be a Witch. Not a warty black witch but a modern witch with a flowing gown an a pointy hat in red. My witch might even have a ball gown and jewels.

8. Tell me about your favorite room.  Anywhere.

Something I saw in a movie once had the kitchen kind of outside. They had an open fire pit and everyone was sitting around it. Yet it was open so smoke wasn't bothering anyone. Still it was inside so they weren't getting attacked by bugs either. You could read your book without being rained on and there was a huge window on the inside where you had a reading nook which looked out over the fire and gardens outside. I can't quite remember how it all fit together now. I liked the idea of being cosy and having the elements from outside around too.

So, there you have it!  Laura in a nutshell…or something like that. :)

I rather like her! And, Laura, I have to tell you – you and I have more in common than it may appear on the surface!

Before I leave you, I thought it would be fun, since Laura is an artist and, on occasion, includes her drawings in her posts, to include a little drawing of my own. 

(Drum roll, please…and no snide remarks.  I teach elementary school, remember?)


Questions about my artwork and/or her responses?  Leave a comment, or – better yet – visit her blog!  It’s worth the trip!

Psst!  Wondering about the flip side of this little project? You can check out my interview here. It’s my turn to be the “star”!

And, if you’re interested in participating, it’s not too late!  Just hop on over to Neil’s blog and leave your “count me in” comment.  He’ll contact you via email with YOUR assignment.  And don’t forget to keep me posted! 


  1. What a fun project. And I love your artwork!

  2. I still need to write the interview I am doing. You've given me inspiration and something to aspire to. I liked your questions and it was really nice that you read quite a bit to come up with your questions. I think your drawing is great. I'm only up to the stick figure level myself. :)


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