Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12x12 January 2010

I seem to be collecting projects lately.  It’s really getting out of hand.

Cheryl invited me to join in on this project this year.  I’ve watched her post her own 12x12 posts each month for a while, and always thought it seemed like fun. 

Here’s the concept:  On the 12th day of each (of 12 months) you take 12 pictures.  Then, you do something a little like this…


*You can click on the collage and it will open larger in a new window.*
From the top left corner, working clockwise:


  • My breakfast this morning, unexpectedly provided by students.  This is why I need to lose weight - my students love me and spoil me. Note to self:  Be meaner.
  • My officemate and I chatted this morning about how wearing tights makes us feel spunky.  Well, she likes tights; I like boots with tights.  Either way, we laughed.  Note to self:  The pirate boots are soon to be retired.
  • One of the perks of teaching where my daughter goes to school: I love walking down the hall and smiling at her picture hanging outside her room.  Even when I’m not running into her at lunch or in the hall, I get to see her smiling face.
  • When I picked up my class from media today, a student noticed an old typewriter on display among other tchotchkes.  I overheard him marvel, “Woah…it’s a typewriter…”  Obviously, I found this amusing.  After polling my class, about half of my 26 4th graders had never seen a typewriter before. Note to self:  I. Am. Old.
  • A coworker of mine just got a new baby dachshund, Ellie, to replace the one they lost recently.  I couldn’t resist a little after school puppy playtime!  Ellie is wrestling a friend’s glove while wearing a Build-A-Bear t-shirt.
  • That’s my Big Boy, my last picture taken today.  Bo, I feel the same way, buddy. 
  • Breakfast for dinner!  The girlies set the table for me.  Didn’t they do a good job?
  • I tutor after school for the “Extended Day” program at our school.  It is the first job in my entire life for which I’ve ever had to actually use a time card!  I think it’s pretty darn cool…I feel like Laverne and Shirley!
  • After school meeting amongst the teachers who tutor.  Talking data, rituals & routines, tu-tus, talking bananas…you know, good stuff like that.
  • Where my bootie was planted for a decent chunk of the day today.  We [my classes and I] are totally engrossed in this chapter book right now.  We’re only a few chapters from the end – and you know what that means!  We can’t put it down!!!!
  • Lunch.  Mmmm, mmmm, good.  Diet DP and Baked Ziti at my desk, laughing with my officemate, tweeting, and breathing.

And finally,

  • The center photo is the coaster on my desk at home.  She’s my role model.


I can’t wait for February 12th!  What a fun project!

PS – Do you or any bloggers you know participate in a 12x12 project?  If so, leave me a comment with links.  I’m looking forward to checking out other peoples’ pics!


  1. I'm not doing the 12x12 poster thing. But I did want you to know that I am reading your blog. I had many comments to myself reading your story about your husband and taking things for granted (I try not to "think about it" either when my husband or son go to the fire station) but I thought I'd comment here since it is the most recent just to let you know I am a reader. A stalker of sorts. And thank you for sharing with me your thoughts which bring to mind many of my own...

  2. What a great blog post! I JUST LOVE it : ) I love your pictures. I think that girls that wear tights are WAY cool! I think it is awesome you can be near your daughter in school all day : ) and I think it is super duper awesome that you are so nice your kids like to spoil you! So nice to meet you today : )

  3. I think your "pirate boots" are adorable! Please don't retire them. I haven't even heard of a 12 by 12 thingy but I like it.

  4. I love your collage and your comments! And why, oh WHY, are you retiring your pirate boots?!? :(


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