Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Little-Big BabyGirl

I write here so often about BigGirl, and really quite rarely about BabyGirl.  This, of course, has nothing to do with any discrepancies in my love for the two of them, but all to do with the nature of the relationship between a 6 1/2 year-old and her mommy, versus a 3 1/2 year-old and her mommy.  However, I can honestly say that I can see this is all about to change.

BabyGirl is still my little Snuggle Bunny and Whiny Britches.  She’s the youngest, she knows it, and she takes full advantage of that status.  She still gets “free rides” whenever she wants them.  She has her own little blue pillow for sleeping in my bed beside me.  She is “scared” to be alone, even in her own room when it’s bright as day.  She has a “woe is me, I’m so pitiful” face that could win academy awards…if it didn’t make you laugh.  She can stick that lip out at least a mile.

But, everyday she’s growing up.  She’s pushing and testing and sassing and declaring her independence – but only when she wants it.

“No – I do it!” as a two inch length of toothpaste falls into the sink.

“No – I can do it!” as she pours half a cup of parmesan cheese onto her plate, and then asks for a spoon.

“No – I don’t wanna wear dat.  I look like a BOY!” as she sees me approach her only pair of jeans.

“No – I don’t want dessert!” as she climbs down from her chair, refusing to eat her meat.  (Apparently, she’s interested in trying vegetarianism.)

All of this, and I can honestly say she’s actually getting better.  This is NOTHING compared to her terrible two stage.  My little Miss Thing has a temper and a will that cannot be broken.

Recently, she’s accomplished a few firsts for her baby book.  It’s funny – as a mommy, at some point you quit tracking things like first tooth, first word, first steps, and start tracking other sorts of milestones…like, “first cat fight at school”. 

“Picked BabyGirl up from school today.  Was so excited to hear that she got in her first fight today!!! This little girl of mine, she’s a feisty one…she wouldn’t let that sassy little friend take HER swing.  No, she let loose her fury and cat scratched that little girl’s neck before shoving her to the ground…oh, what a day it was today.  *sniff, sniff* My baby is growing up…Wish I could claim credit for this achievement, but alas, she gets her ‘fightin’ skillz’ from her Daddy.”

Or, another example, “first trip to the ER”.

“It finally happened!  We are so proud of our BabyGirl!  I thought for sure BigGirl had her beat when she fell reaching for a CD player on the bar and pulled it down on top of her head, but I was mistaken.  Tonight, BabyGirl actually made it happen!!! She took a lesson from BigGirl and, she too, fell from a stool.  But, my little overachiever didn’t rely on something heavy to hit her just right in the head.  No, she took matters into her own hands – or mouth, so to speak – and sent three teeth straight through her bottom lip.  They actually went clear through to the other side!  I’m so proud of my girl!  Many kids try this, but it doesn’t always go all the way through.  I always knew she could do anything she set her mind to!”

All joking aside, she is growing up every day.  She pushes our buttons, but I know that is a sign of strength.  And that strength will take her far one day.  (She seriously did wow me with her bravery throughout the excitement of her fall and subsequent trip to the hospital.)  So, look to hear more about her here soon.  I expect she will bring her strength and courage to this venue just as intently as she brings it into my days.

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  1. LOVE this post! Your "baby book entries" cracked me up! So glad she's okay. I look forward to hearing more about your little firecracker. :)


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