Saturday, January 2, 2010

It’s simple.

My dear friend, Cher, wrote a New Year’s post yesterday.  She was inspired by this post to choose One Little Word as a theme, if you will, for her 2010.  I think that’s a fabulous way to avoid the dissolution of resolutions while still setting a goal.

So, here I go.  december 275

I want to focus on what is important: family, friends, health, and home. 

I want to target my work as a mother, a wife, and a teacher.

I want to make choices that bring peace into my home.  I want to give myself, my children, and my husband the gift of time, and I want to spend it, not money, to make us happy.  I want to sit by the fire with cocoa and cookies more often.  I want to dig in the dirt together.  I want to party in our PJs.  I want to take walks and ride bikes and blow bubbles and color.  I want to smile at the sun and enjoy a cool, ocean breeze.

For the past week, ever since we’ve returned from our Hillbilly Holiday, my girlies and I have been a bit reclusive…and we’ve loved every minute of it.  I’ve cooked and crafted and sewn.  We’ve read and colored and played games.  I’ve worn yoga pants, a bare face, and a ponytail for days at a time.  It’s been marvelous.

In 2010, I’m not going to try to keep up with the Joneses – or, for that matter, the Millers, the Popes or the even the Nguyens.  I will search for contentment with where I am in life. 

I also want to CLEAN OUT.  How much stuff does a person REALLY need?? I’m a sentimental kind of gal, so this can be hard for me…but I’d like to try traveling light for a while. 

I will surround myself with things and people that make me happy. 

I want to simplify my life. 

My word for 2010 is SIMPLIFY.

What is your word?


  1. i like this.

    we spent the last year simplifying. partly by choice, partly because we needed to. we definitely see things differently now.

    ive thought a lot about what i want my word of the year to be, but i haven't narrowed it down yet.

    happy (belated) new year!

  2. ooooo, that's good. for me, however, i feel like i spent the last couple of years doing without stuff, so my word for 2010 will not be simplify, but i totally feel what youre saying about quality time. my word is going to be balance. i have so many things i want to "fix" or "complete" or "organize" in my life this year, that i must not lose sight of BALANCE. i need to remain motivated, but not so much so that i lose sight of what's really important, my health (ALL aspects), my marriage, my family relationships & my friends. BALANCE ... that's my word for 2010.

  3. So hard to narrow it down to just one word! But a good way of doing it. I think I would choose courage. Courage to live everyday like it's my last. Really do it.

  4. *Such* a good word! Maybe I should TRY to simplify this year.


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