Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful Ione

“It’s pronounced eye – own,” she explained when they were introduced.  

After more than sixteen years of living with her name, she had finally come to love its uniqueness.  But still, she tired of the polite corrections and grinning through butchered, failed attempts. 

Her mother, Natalie, loved the name since she was a mere teen herself.  Rider could not talk her out of it – and, quite frankly, he never tried too hard.  He loved his wife’s flare and never really gave a damn what their small town Texas neighbors thought.  It tickled him to see her happy and he couldn’t – he wouldn’t  - imagine his life any other way…living in her rosy shadow, watching her shine, was always enough for him.

Ione had inherited her mother’s passionate dreams.  She saw herself as a world traveler.  Her eye for color, texture, form and style might just be what took her there.  She had inherited enough of her father’s pragmatic side, though, to know better than to count on that alone.  Her life so far revolved around her goals – everyday focused on furthering her studies and sharpening her talents. 

She was a hard worker, but never felt it.  These things fulfilled her.  She was driven and strong – her dreams and goals were hers alone.  The work she did each day was personal, right down to babysitting those little bratty paint ponyboys and tutoring jocks and cheerleaders.  Ione looked at Hank that day as just another jock.

Hank, however, saw her as someone like no one else.  She had an inner strength and determination shining in her eyes he was far more accustomed to finding in mustang ponies than girls.  Her fair skin and ebony hair held the same striking beauty of a paint’s coat.  She had a God-given grace and composure that could not be taught or faked.  She carriedwithin her a peace and calm he’d seen only within their gentle and loyal Appaloosas. 

Yes, Ione was definitely different….and Hank liked that.


Photo credit: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  1. I love it. Definitely wanting more.

  2. Will you autograph my copy of your book someday and take photos with me so that I can blast them all over the internetz and tell everyone I met you once in person and we had good wine together? :)

    Also? We need to figure out getting together again. Just sayin.



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