Monday, February 15, 2010

A Haunting Tune

I’ve never liked K.D. Lang before.  It’s not that I have disliked her or anything, I’ve just never “known” her as an artist at all. 

Friday night I was on my bed, working on this and that and struggling to keep my eyelids from closing.  My back grew weak from sitting up, and I found myself stretching out on my stomach, my head at the foot of the bed, with my laptop beside me.  A fatal mistake. 

I began drifting in and out of consciousness. My bedroom still warmly lit by the light of my bedside lamp, the television still broadcasting the opening ceremonies, my laptop still faithfully standing by with my work, and I still fully clothed.  

I remember thinking, Who is that singing?

I remember feeling peaceful.   

I couldn’t hear the words clearly in my sleep, but the song seemed to go on forever, in a good way…like it was in slow motion.  It hovered in the room above my bed.

At some point the word hallelujah broke through to my mind.  Soon afterwards, I pulled myself back, lifted my head and said aloud

K. D. Lang???

and then


Since then, this song has haunted me and I’m desperately searching for a copy of it for my Zune.  No luck yet, but I’ll keep trying.  In the meantime, enjoy this older version from YouTube on me. 

By the way…Leonard Cohen’s version?  Don’t bother.  He sounds like he’s dying. 

The lyrics to this song have also intrigued me…you can find them here.

***Addendum – I’m even more intrigued now that I’ve read this.***


  1. for my money, jeff buckley's version is the most transportive.
    i think this song's been covered by more people than i don't know what. bono also has a decent version.

  2. i have that one too, anonymous. i like her voice better, though.

  3. I love Leonard Cohen. Suzanne is still my favorite, though I love the many variations and covers of Hallelujah.

  4. I have to say I didn't watch opening ceremonies, was unaware of KD Lang, I must live under a rock. But that was awesome! Made my scalp tingle. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I also like Jeff Buckley's version, and Imogen Heap has a good rendition, too.


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