Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday in Snaps

FireDaddy took the girlies to the zoo today.  I felt more than a little under-the-weather this morning, so I stayed behind.  Somewhere near mid-day, I felt up to getting dressed and hitting the market.  Before I ran out, though, I decided to play a bit in the yard. 

I’m planning a little family shoot in the backyard sometime soon.  I especially want some Mommy and Me shots, since I’m rarely ever in the snaps I take of my girlies anymore.  So, I took advantage of the uninterrupted silence and sunshiny day to practice a little bit of my self-timed photo skills.

And for future reference, I discovered this is waaaaaay harder than it looks.

sunday in snap 1

sunday in snap 3

sunday in snap 2

 (grrr….frizzy hair and ocean breeze…..)


That’s all for Sunday in Snaps this week.  Next week, more of the other stuff.  That’s enough of me for a while.


(Now I have to find the guts to push publish….oy……)


  1. hehe, i find that when i use the self timer, i run about 40 pictures before i find one i can tolerate.
    but these look good! i love your highlights too

  2. You look great. You favor the Peniche girl that was a beauty queen but is now a coke junkie. You resemble her in the beauty queen days of course!

  3. They're gorgeous pics. And you live in FL... frizzies are a part of the wardrobe. :)

  4. i thought i commented on this the other day...oh well. my brain is mush lately so i guess i didnt.

    anyway, what i would have said had i commented, was that these are all lovely. i really like the first one especially.

    i hate almost every picture of myself, which is why there are so few of me on the ol blog. i think that im relatively attractive in real life, then i see a photo and suddenly i realize im a troglodyte.

    but yes, all of yours are very pretty. :)

  5. I love, love, love these photos.


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