Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have some whine, won’t you?

I think it’s necessary to introduce this week’s Girl Talk Thursday with a very suitable complaint – whiners.  I really cannot stand whiners.  I mean, everyone deserves and needs an opportunity to vent on occasion.  And, it’s only natural to need to complain a little in life.  But, whiners?  They stand in a class of their own…and I hate them. (I can hear BigGirl in my mind right now saying, “ooooooh…you said Hhhhaaaaate…..” because in my house, that’s a dirty word.)  But, I do.  I hate them. 

People, everyone’s life is hard from time to time.  Everyone’s got something to complain about.  My attitude is – if it’s really that bad, quit whining and get up off your bootie and do something about it. 

That said, this week’s Girl Talk Thursday is all about complaining.  Today we all get a free pass to let’er rip.  So, please do not walk away from this post thinking, “Man…that chick is a whiner.”  Really, I pledge to try my best to never achieve that status.  And you all have permission to smack my face till the make-up comes off if I get that way.  Please, do it.

Anyhow…what’s buggin’ you?  Oh wait, it’s my turn first.  Get ready, folks.  Here we go…

1. It’s times like these when I feel like the demands of professionals in my line of business is absolutely completely humanly impossible.  It is a joke.  We are taken advantage of because the world - the government, the districts, the parents, everyone – knows most of us in this line of business will suck it up and get it done, even if it means sacrificing your sleep, your family, your home, your wallet, and your sanity.  And I think that stinks.  It’s times like these that I seriously consider a permanent career change.  And that really stinks, too.

2.  Money really should grow on trees.  Don’t you agree?  I mean, it’s kinda hard to come by sometimes.  And it takes a lot of work to keep up with it.  And everyone sure does want it once you’ve got it.  That all stinks.

3.  Time is ridiculously hard to come by, too. 

4.  I cannot seem to wake up in the mornings for the life of me!!  Even when I actually have a sleep-filled  night, and I go to bed at a decent hour, I just can’t get out of bed in the morning!  This, I think is partially related to …..

5.  The weather.  I am completely DONE with winter for this year.  I’m ready for spring to spring and stay sprung.  I’m tired of layering, tired of jackets, tired of cold mornings (see #4), tired of it all.  And, I’m ready to wear my flip flops and NOT watch my toes turn blue, thank you very much.

6.  Speaking of weather, we’ve had some rainy days in my neck of the woods this week…which reminds me of something else I’m totally sick of – WET PANT LEG HEMS.  Ugh.  This has become a major pet peeve of mine, just this season.  Wet pant legs are cold, dirty, and generally icky.

7.  I want to play.  I want to run away for a little bit and be footloose and fancy free.  Being  a grown-up really stinks sometimes.

8.  I haven’t had the time and energy to do enough of the things I love lately – like read (still haven’t even gotten into the flashback chapters of Dragonfly in Amber yet), write (yes, I know, I’ve been writing some…but not as much as I’d like), cook (believe it or not, I actually enjoy this…but hate it when it feels more of a burden than a pleasure), and sew (ha! those were some high hopes I had for myself).

9. My house needs to be cleaned…like ALWAYS.  I’m over it.  I need a housekeeper.

10.  My house is littered with laundry…like ALWAYS.  I’m over it.  I need a housekeeper.

11.  Mean kids make me mad.  This week, I’ve had to take time out of my day every freaking day to mend hurt feelings and dole out consequences and guidance because of someone’s unkindness.  Can’t we all just get along, people?  What makes people mean??? (Don’t answer that…I really do know the answer.  Well, I know some of the answers.)

12.  I need to lose weight and I hate myself for it.  I hate when I go undoing good hard work that I’ve already done. 

13. Forgive me, people…but I’m over the Olympics and American Idol.  I’m completely over them.  I do not care.  At all. 

14. I’m also over this freaking war.  I don’t want to go getting all political on you, but I think I tend to be a pacifist for the most part.  (See #11 – Can’t we all just get along?) I think there is a MAJOR shortage of tolerance all over the world – and a MAJOR amount of arrogance. (oooooh…I should put arrogance in this list somewhere….)

15. This week’s SeaWorld death really bummed me out.  Ridiculously so…I have no personal affiliations or anything, but I am utterly saddened by this poor trainer’s death.  That stinks.

16.  My baby girl doggie needs a haircut.  I don’t want to take her, though, until the weather warms up.  She’s sensitive.  She shivers when she’s cold, so she needs all the layers she can get.  (Speaking of, see #6.)

17.  I need to get to the gym more often, because I need to lose weight (see #12), but I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning to go before work (see #4).  Also, I really wish my gym had more locations with child care and more yoga classes during the hours that I am available and the child care center is open.  (Why don’t they ask for my input when planning this stuff?)

18.  My house needs the carpet ripped out…like 5 years ago.  I hate it.  We MUST do this ASAP.

19.  For the past few days, my hip has been all funky when I wake up in the morning.  I really dislike feeling like my body is letting me down. (This is another reason why I need to get to the gym and yoga.  See #17)

And lastly -

20.  The really cool games that are on my laptop (like Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and Jeopardy) are no longer free to play.  They want me to pay to play the games and that is freaking ridiculous!!!! I refuse to sign up to purchase virtual game tokens so I can play a game on my own computer!!!!! (See #2)  This especially stinks because my whole house was completely enjoying those games, even the girlies.  :(


All righty then.  I feel a bit better….I think.  Actually, I think writing this post just got me all fired up…crap.

In order to cool us all off again, what do you say we have a little silliness?  Shall we take a lesson from that baby girl doggie I mentioned up in #16?  Let’s all just kiss and be merry.

Daisy's a lover from Jenny Nash on Vimeo.


***Yeah, that’s the real me.  I’m all serious like that.  All.  The.  Time.  If you have no sense of humor, people, you’ve got NOTHIN’.***


  1. Ok, scary. You are me, I am you. You complete me. LOL
    Hope things cheer up for us soon!

  2. *hugs* You are always allowed to whine to me. ;) xoxo

  3. I was ready to complain right along with you about a number of things on your list, but the cute doggie distracted me. :)

  4. Also, I would like to edit my list to include that it always takes me forever (and several tries) to post a comment, stupid Blogger.

  5. Whining is obnoxious when overdone, but completely understandable at times. :) Hang in there!

  6. I am with you on 99% of these..except the dog hair, because our dog has short hair, although his shedding really annoys me! OMG the wet pants hem? hate it, HATE, I SAID HATE it!! also, the whiners, I loathe a whiner, especially when someone whines and does nothing to change the situation- put your big girl panties on and deal with it!

  7. Is it bad that I was cracking up at most of these? I was also saying TRUEDAT to most of them too. :)


  8. what's wrong with the carpet? if you can't take it out can you retexture it or dye it?

  9. I think you pretty much summed it up for me too. My firsties have been exceptionally mean to one another this week as well - I wanna blame it on the weather and too much inside recess - I hope. My house is a mess, my "fun money" has long been depleted, my dog stinks from all the time she's spent in the rain, I'm tired - but I have at least another hour of writing prompt grading ahead (yet here I am), and the stinkin weatherman is calling for more rain tomorrow. So yep, you pretty much summed it up...thank goodness that spring break is a mere 6 weeks off and that I have a good supply of vino in the cupboard. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

  10. 3. Time is ridiculously hard to come by, too.

    It's so true. It's just now that I realized time is really gold. I just heard someone said that time is the greatest gift you can give someone because it explains a lot about the relationship. Don't you agree?! So right!

  11. Just want to go over this again, I can smack the clinique off your face if I catch you whining, and...starting monday GYM THREE TIMES A WEEK!


  12. what a cute blog! I`ll come back for more!
    I agree with you on all of it! You took the words out of my mouth..
    Have a wonderful weekend :)


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