Monday, March 1, 2010

I need an intervention.


I love food.  I particularly love sweets, but I also LOVE cheese, and potatoes, and breads, and pastas, and vegetables, and FRUIT – oh, wonderful fruit, and pizza, and hamburgers and steaks and ALL red meat, and fish, and salads, and French fries dipped in ranch dressing, and nuts, and cookies, and chocolate, and vegetable omelets with turkey sausage on the side, and Wheat Thins, and sliced apples with peanut butter, and popcorn, and Diet Dr. Pepper, and wine, and just about anything with artichokes and/or mushrooms.  Oh, and recently, I’ve fallen in love with French toast.  I love food. 

I love to cook.  I love to try new recipes.  Much like my outfits, I try new recipes more often than I repeat them – with the exception of a moderately sized repertoire of “cook by heart” dishes, of course.  On the weekends, sometimes I like to bake.  I absolutely love to slow cook things like roast or tenderloin all day long on a Saturday or Sunday.  I wish I was better about using my slow cooker because I love that, too.  I love to make a big pot of soup or chili – and I think there’s almost nothing better than a homemade salad.  Yum.  I love to make homemade pizza with spinach, fresh tomato, mushroom, and black olives.  I love to poach an egg and serve it on an English muffin with fresh basil, a huge slice of tomato and melted Swiss cheese.  I love to cook.

I love to watch cooking shows.  In fact, Rachael Ray is on in the background as I type this.  In those long ago days of my old life, when I was just the mommy of one, BigGirl and I used to lay around all day long on Sundays watching PBS cooking shows, one right after the other.  (That was in the decade that I didn’t pay for cable….Darn it, Comcast.  You’re evil.) Perhaps it was those early days of her life that firmed BigGirl’s own love of cooking shows.  Just a moment ago, as she ran out of the room for a quick second, she instructed me “Tell me everything I miss!  And don’t you forget a thing!”  So, when she returned, I dutifully filled her in on the steps of hollowing out zucchinis, cleaning mushrooms and starting a saute skillet.  We love to watch cooking shows.

Now, unfortunately, these three loves come at a price.  Now, I need to lose weight…again. 

Enter CBS Sunday Morning.  This show has “been in the family” as long as I can remember.  Growing up, the only Sunday mornings our home was not filled with the soothing sounds of Charles Kuralt’s voice were the days he was on vacation.  Those final peaceful scenes in which the only soundtrack is that of crickets chirping, wind blowing, and geese honking were the Closing Ceremonies of our Sundays.  This tradition has carried on into my own home.  A few weekends ago, they featured a story on procrastinators, during which they highlighted a unique site called  It “stuck” with me as a unique concept.  I intended on looking it up later.

Enter my sister-in-law.  She, too, loves food.  She, too, wants to lose weight. 

Two heads are better than one.

Here’s the plan:

We’ve made a little challenge/wager of sorts.

The Plan:  We’ve both committed to exercising at least 3-4 times per week each week until June 18th.  At which date, we are aiming to have lost 20 pounds.  (Each.  Hee hee!)   You can check on our progress here and here.  Feel free to cheer us on…or heckle, I guess.  That can be motivating, too.  

Collateral:  We will pay each other $5 every week that we do not meet our exercise goal.  Our progress is being refereed by impartial parties. 

End Results:  If we do NOT reach our ultimate weight loss goal, the other will

(a) Do something with the other person’s money (which, depending upon our diligence, could reach a maximum of $80) that they would NEVER do. 


(b) UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY HUMILIATE THE OTHER ON OUR OWN BLOG.  I mean, we’re going below the belt.  We will leave out no detail.  She gets to tell the world what a lazy bootie I’ve been.  She gets to tell the world what a fat bootie I’ve become. She gets to tell the world everything I don’t even want to tell her.   This part was her idea, by the way. 

That, my dear, is an intervention.  B.  It’s all about (b) for me.

Well, that and the insults my Wii Fit threw at me yesterday as I climbed back on after months of neglecting it.  Man.  That thing really knows how to hold a grudge and smack on a guilt trip, doesn’t it?  “Looks like you didn’t reach your goal.  Humph.  I could have told you that already.  Do you want to try again, or are you done trying to keep up appearances for my sake???”  “Oops.  Looks like you’ve gained a few pounds, haven’t you?  ***inflates Mii to five times its original size*** There.  Now that’s  more like it.  Don’t you agree?”  “Have you been participating in fitness activities away from the Wii Fit?  Have you been cheating on me with the gym?  Is that why you never come see me anymore?”  And I love how it talks about everyone else, too.  “You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Diego…Have YOU heard from him lately?”   I do not always like my Wii.

Gotta go.  Ina Garten is on.


  1. too funny! I'm also needing an Intervention. And I never did learn how to work the Wii Fit. Maybe it's a good thing. Not sure I'd like it talking to me that way.

  2. Hey! I actually didn't lose any weight until I cut back on exercising. So don't overdo the exercise! :-) Since we are the same age I reckon we are in a similar boat metabolism-wise. I only do walking now and Pilates a few times a week. I lost those stubborn 10 pounds and kept it off when I put raw fruits and veggies at the bottom of my food pyramid, followed by beans/whole grains/nuts! Plus good fats. I firmly believe it is 90 percent what we put in our mouths and 10 percent exercise! *hugs*

  3. We made it through day ONE! I don't know about you, but I have a good feeling about this time. Maybe it's because I have you holding me accountable? Or because I know you'll be super THOROUGH if you blog about me...

    GO US!

  4. i think it's great that you've teamed up! come visit me on mondays.. i'm trying to keep motivation up and report on all sorts of health-related issues in 'restoring jane'... i love that 1. it's a realistic goal 2. you've made each other accountable 3. you've defined objective goals 4. that you're keeping it light and fun and you're being real. way to go! :)

  5. Good luck. And stay away from Ina's recipes. They can be quite deceiving!

  6. That's a great intervention. Sometimes we enjoy food to much that we tend to forget these things. Thank you for a nice post.

  7. Great idea! I wish I had a sister or sister-in-law who needed to lose weight! Just my luck everyone I know is skinny! Just kidding! Just a word of advice. Don't forget to count calories. I'm afraid you can exercise 10 days a week but if you eat more than you burn you ain't gonna lose an ounce. But I'm sure you know this. I'm just saying because amazingly I lost 17lbs last summer/Fall(and so far kept it off, holidays and all!!). I walk/ran 3-4 days a week (30min)religiously but it was only the weeks that I really counted accurately every morsel, I mean no guess work, that I lost weight. When I started I was amazed at how much more I was eating than I thought. And don't give up when the scale doesn't budge just tweak a bit and carry on! I wish you all the best! PS if you want a treat go for it just keep those cals to 1300/day!

  8. we are going to have to meet one day. too many coincidences. firemen. love of food. food blogs. food channels. eating food. cooking food. and the need to exercise and/or diet.

    by some odd chance will you be at NECC?


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