Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday in Snaps: Raining Cats and Dogs

This morning, the girlies and I welcomed the rain from the comfort of my bed.  We cuddled beneath the covers watching Barbie hang ten and save the mermaids from evil Eris.  My sheets are littered with Pop-tart crumbs, but my heart was as warm as the coffee on my bedside table.

Meanwhile, out back….

DSC_0386Daisy rested against the glass door between mad dashes after silly squirrels.  Bo lingered beneath the trees, patrolled the perimeter, and made laps through the wet grass.  He was so filthy by the time I was finally able to lure him back inside, I banished him straight to the shower for a complete overhaul. 

For the remainder of the day, my four-legged babies pouted and paced, scratched and begged to, once again, be granted their freedom out in the elements.


Mean Mommy that I am, their romp in the rain was over for the day. 

They made the best of it, though.  Bo in his red club chair…


and Daisy on a soft, faded quilt…


my little ones finally figured out the second best way to spend a rainy Sunday. 

I sure do love rainy “stay-at-home days”. 

P.S.  My Big Boy sure does smell purrty tonight.


  1. Love these photos. Daisy looks like the sweetest troublemaker ever!

  2. Ohhhhhh -- those poor puppies; they look so pitiful! :(

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    Btw, I've moved to Wordpress!


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