Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nothing to lose.

*** Let me just begin this post with a heads-up for any relatives of mine who might be reading. Today?  Just stop here.  Really.  Come back and see me another day, please, but this post is not for you.  I love you all dearly, but I don’t think you need to read this Girl Talk post. 

For those of you who are not related by blood or law, carry on.  Just bear in mind, this week, it’s all about FANTASY. ***

In a world with no consequences, you’ve got nothing to lose.  What is your fantasy?

Wow.  That’s pretty darn wide open, isn’t it?  I mean, wow.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Nothing.

That’s actually a large part of the fantasy for me – feeling you have nothing to lose.  Just letting go and running with it.  I melt at the thought of letting passion and desire swarm over you.  Letting it rule your mind and dictate your actions completely.  Just go for it.  Do whatever you desire, however you choose, wherever, whenever. 

Adding the risk of “getting caught” spices it up too, though I guess that sort of goes against the idea of a world without consequences.  Perhaps I should explain. 

I read an article recently about a restaurant somewhere in the U.S. that is notorious for having sexy bathrooms.  And, by sexy bathrooms I mean – bathrooms people frequent to have sex.  Yeah.  They’re not popular for their cheesecake.  Diners just want to do it in their bathrooms.  So, for Valentine’s Day, restaurant management decided to play it up.  They encouraged couples in a way that meant more than turning the other cheek. 

While the thought of standing in line for a turn in a stall does not appeal to me in the least, doesn’t it sound wildly fun to sit across a table from your special someone in the middle of a crowded restaurant lost deep in your desire for each other as you sip your wine and bide your time - until you just can’t keep your hands off each other?  Impulses sweep you away.  Your judgment goes out the window with reality and you just succomb.  Steal a moment, find a spot, and make a crazy, wonderful memory.

Imagine moonlight on the beach.  You two are virtually alone, although you know that could change at any moment.  And somewhere in time, in the air between you – the air that has lessened, and lessened still more, as you felt the pull of each other.  Any sense of care about being seen, heard, or even stumbled upon slowly drifted away like a broken shell in the tide.  You can hardly see each other in the darkness.  The sand is wet and cool compared to your bodies.  You are absolutely lost in passion.  The world around you is muted by the sound of the ocean rolling in and out and in again.

It really could be most anywhere, because it’s not the time or the place but the pull.  It’s the irresistibility.  An urge that can’t be squelched.  A want turned need.  That “I don’t give a damn - I want you now,” feeling. 

For me, it’s not about costumes or toys or role plays.  It’s not even about far away romantic locations or bodies beautiful.  My fantasy is the passion itself.  A passion that is so magnetic and electric you lose sight of everything else and let it swallow you whole.  You can’t help yourself.  You just let go…like you’ve got nothing to lose.


  1. the fantasy! exactly! I love fantasy.. especially you know.. THAT kind... And getting caught.. thats like such a rush... a HOT kind.

    I put the same.. or sort of the same disclaimer at the top of my blog post today too LOL

  2. You have such an incredible way with words - I didn't know that was a true fantasy of mine into you put it down in black & white.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog last GTT. How sad is it that when I started reading this and you said "Do whatever you desire, however you choose, wherever, whenever." ... I pictured myself on my couch with my most comfortable blanket and a coffee and loads of daytime TV??? I need a vacation ....

  4. How hilarious about the bathrooms! That feeling you describe - it's like nothing else. Your post just opened up a file in my memory and prompted me to grab a notebook...

  5. I love this. Thank you for being so candid, dude. <3


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