Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trashy Dime Store Paperback Novels

Welcome back, Thursday! It's time again for a little Girl Talk!

Today's question: If you were in a romance novel, what would your story be?

First of all, like a few other participants, I've never really been into true romance books. I remember being a teenager and reading teen versions of romance books. I read my fair share of books with titles like Two Boy Cruise, So Inn Love, and other bubble gum teen novels like that. As a young adult, I locked myself in my room and cried all day as I read Gone With the Wind and other period romances (Eugenia Price books, for instance). I have shed at least a gallon of tears reading books by James Patterson and other authors who really know how to write about LOVE. Tragic love. But, I've never really been big into the "novels" that are really more of a lady's version of porn.

So, I'm feeling a bit uncreative with this, but I am telling the truth.

If I were in a romance novel, it would be a historical piece. But, I think I'd rather it be more of an Elizabethan era romance. I'd like to taste a little forbidden love. Just picture it, everyone is inside this gorgeous, gilded mansion, dancing in neat and proper rows. Ladies barely touching their dance partner's palms as they curtsy and step lightly in formation.

But, one lovely lady (a.k.a. THAT'S ME!), politely excuses herself from the party. Perhaps she is even betrothed to someone else. (Surely he's wealthy and a well-suited match for her station.) But, she doesn't love him. Secretly, she tingles and blushes for another.

She innocently meanders into the evening air, where, unbeknownst to her, the man who owns her heart is alone. Quietly, stealthily, one thing quickly leads to another and...well, who knew corsets could be undone so quickly?

So, who is this secret lover for whom she decides to risk it all? Well, he would ABSOLUTELY not be one of those sissy, prissy men you see depicted in historical fiction at times (Ahem, Ashley in Gone With the Wind...). He would be masculine, an excellent horseman, and, of course, handsome. Dashing. Drop dead gorgeous. His eyes make women swoon and his grin stops hearts. Perhaps he's a bit badly behaved at times...just enough to start a few whispers and gossip among the ladies. He would be socially accepted, yet remain truer to his heart than to the rules of etiquette and society. In fact, perhaps he need not be socially accepted, after all. I'm thinking a cross between Rhett Butler and Mr. Knightly (Emma by Jane Austen).

The rest of the story, I don't know. But, it has to have a happy ending. I really don't care for sad endings. Sad endings happen enough the real world; they are unnecessary in fiction.


  1. Get to writing, girlie! It would make for a good movie, too. :)

  2. Wow! That was fantastic! I want to see that movie (or read the book).

    Have you seen Becoming Jane? If not, I think you would like it.


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